Cumbria Stone Walling specializes in dry stone walling and can assist with a range of traditional building techniques, including stone masonry and lime-based construction. The business is the trading name of Paul Gingell, and is based in Cumbria’s Eden Valley, near Appleby-in-Westmorland. My vision is to uphold the craftsmanship of working in stone.

dry stone wall being constructed from traditional limestone walling stone in Eden Valley, Cumbria.

Construction with Traditional Methods and Materials

Fundamental to all my work is the integrity of the construction process. This invariably means finding solutions which work with the stresses of time, weather and movement. Dry stone construction works because the inter-linking stones absorb movement as the wall settles and winter frosts heave and subside. For more precise structures, Lime mortars and renders cushion the stones against the seasonal changes, but similarly dissipate stresses rather than fighting them.

As a customer, you get the highest standard of workmanship, designed in response to its environment and which will age gracefully over many years, just as buildings have done for centuries.

Proven Heritage

slate wall end dry stone wall in Eden Valley, Cumbria.

Traditional building methods are more than just a heritage craft – they’re proven technologies! Flexible, free draining and eminently repairable, the principles of dry stone walling are perfectly suited to domestic settings and make an attractive addition to gardens and their surroundings. From flower beds to bridges and bread ovens, the opportunities are almost limitless – particularly when combined with related craft skills such as lime mortaring and stone carving.

If you’re planning a garden design, have a supply of stone that you’d like to put to better use, or would like help sourcing new stone, please feel free to get in touch.

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Paul Gingell