Conservation & Restoration Projects

“Relearning Simplicity”

The vast majority of our built heritage was born of financial frugality, and constructed of materials which were affordable and designed to function efficiently. In recent years there has been a growing movement of craftspeople seeking to relearn the simplicity and efficiency of these historic building techniques. The hope is that this will lead to more ‘affordable conservation’, with benefits for our common heritage and all those that live in them.

The following projects are our contribution to that progress.

surveying the condition and state of repair of traditional field barns in the Yorkshire dales

Yorkshire Dales Barn Surveys

Estimates suggest that around a third of the Yorkshire Dales’ iconic field barns have been lost or substantially ruined, whilst those that remain face an uncertain future. Working on …

restoring a Cumbrian field barn using traditional building techniques

Ruined Field Barn Stabilization

Many field barns stand derelict, abandoned and rapidly disintegrating. This project is intended to prevent the further loss of just one such barn, whilst gaining a better understanding of the materials used in its construction.